Breastfeeding or Bottle Feeding – Which One Is Right

For a long period of time, the debate between breast milk and the formula is still being gone on. The majority of the people assumes that breastfeeding is the best method in order to supply the nutrition for the infants and babies. Nonetheless, the bottle feeding also has its advantages and benefits. Consequently, in fact, there is no wrong or right. It is important that you select the most suitable one for both you and your love baby.

With the responsibility of a mother, the first selection ought to be breastfeeding. Nevertheless, a couple of mothers are not able to breastfeed because of many reasons. As a whole, they often comprise several reasons – breast infection, HIV infection, non-sufficient breast milk, previous radioactive treatment, lifestyle, work, and so on.Can choose baby swing reviews

Of course, if you get one of the above reasons, the best method is to use the formula so as to replace. Let’s have peace of mind! The formula also contain full of essential nutrients to make sure the growth of the baby. The majority of the newborns may be given water, breast milk, or formula in the bottle to feed during the early 6 months.

The bottle feeding also has its advantages. Once mothers choose to apply this process to their baby, mothers may feed him/her any times in a day like breastfeeding. Instead, only mothers give his/her feeding if it breastfeeds. On the contrary, fathers or other relatives can feed the baby. Nonetheless, in comparison with the breast milk, the formula takes much time so that the baby can completely digest. In additional to that, the mothers may also do housework at this moment. But, it says that does not mean mothers giving their baby bottle feeding – bad and lazy.

In fact, the today life is busy and high cost. Occasionally, we have many problems without just having the family. The bottle feeding does not show that you are a bad mother. Obviously, you still spend the time to take care and observe him/her when feeding, but it will give you time to do your work.

Inevitably, aside from that, the bottle feeding also have its drawbacks. It requires you to have to mix the exact quantity of the formula and water. Besides, the nipples must endure to sterilizer – this one is able to use the traditional methods or the best baby bottle sterilizer. It is noticed that the formula does not contain the antibody to help prevent the disease. Plus, breast milk is free, but the formula needs to have to purchase. Furthermore, you should also note that the baby has the constipation problem with the formula. Continue reading “Breastfeeding or Bottle Feeding – Which One Is Right”

How to Take Care of a Bike

A bike whether a balance bike or a pedal bike is embraced by almost all the children throughout the whole world since the popularity of the bike knows no bounds. Owning a bike is not the last word as it needs some regular maintenance to carry that on for a long period of time. Today’s article is all about how to take care of a bike. And if you want to find out more, read best balance bike reviews.

Everything needs proper take care, and so does a balance or pedal bike. Many of us, the parents, do not pay heed to this matter carefully. As children are too young to take care of their bike properly, it is our (the parents) responsibility to wash or maintain with the necessary things.
It is not very hard thing to keep a bike problem-free, but it just needs some importance.


How to Take Care?

There are some things that should be ensured to maintain a balance or pedal bike properly. The required things are discussing now.

Wash Regularly:

As the bike is a vehicle that is taken outside every now and then, it bears the grit and dust from outside. It needs regularly wiping up to keep it neat and clean. Manage a soft towel or sponge. Drench it in some water. Rub the whole body of the balance bike or pedal bike. After wiping with the towel or the sponge, dry the whole body with another dry cloth. This process will help the bike look shiny and clean.

Take Care of the Chain:

Chain is the key part that helps the bike propel up ahead. But over time, it becomes dirty and dust places in the joints of the smaller parts of the chain. This causes a great problem to move the chain smoothly. So wash the chain regularly and for lubrication, use chain oil regularly. Try to wipe the lubricating oil properly as it may spoil the clothes of the children or any rider while riding the bike.

Maintain the Wheels:

Wheels are very important for smooth running of a balance or pedal bike. The tyre of the wheels may be punctured. That time these need to be repaired or changed. Some of the balance bikes are come with solid tyred wheels. These bikes’ wheels are not prone to leak, but still these wheels have the risk of spoiling because of over heat on the road. Teach your child to avoid rough roads to ride his or her bike.

Wheels’ Rings:

Rings are very crucial part of the wheels. If the rings are damaged its shapes, then your child will have hard time riding that. So repair the rings as soon as these get in problem.
Have some tools at home and learn how to repair things properly. It is very easy to repair a balance bike or any bike for the kids. So you can do it of your own at the time of problem.

Screw the Nuts Properly:

Nuts need to be screwed tightly into bolts. The nuts and bolts of a bike must be okay of a bike to have a nice ride. Keeping the nuts and bolts properly is also important for a safe ride.


Seat is the part of a bike that gets the rider feel comfortable. A bike seat is typically made of a foamy substance, but due to physical wear and tear, the seat becomes very irritating and uncomfortable to sit and the children find it a real threat to ride smoothly at this moment. An uncomfortable seat is also harmful to our body. So try to replace the seat or use another layer of sponge on the seat to give a comfortable feel to it.
These are some of the common things that a bike needs to be checked and repaired regularly in order to keep it fit for the children as well as any rider. Taking care of a balance or pedal bike is not only important for comfortable ride but also mandatory for safer riding. Faulty bikes often cause accident or sudden fall. So everybody should take this little step to maintain their children’s bikes properly. So be careful and have some time for doing this extra, but little effort for the betterment of happy riding of a bike.

Choose the best stroller for your baby in a travel

It’s time to take baby outdoor! Someday you would decide that. Now you have to think of “a list of what to do” when bringing the angel in a travel. These things may be, let us say, where to go, what to carry, how long for a trip outdoor, etc. Ok, whatever you do, the first thing we suggest that you must have the best lightweight stroller in 2016 in which your baby will rest and enjoy the world. Getting a best lightweight stroller is not an easy task as many people have thought. You should have some ideas about it. Here we are going to give you some useful guides.

1. The stroller must be suitable to the baby’s age

As you known, a stroller has many various sizes with proper technical information. Each kind of stroller will be compatible with each stage of life of your baby about size, weight, steadiness, function, etc.
If the baby is under three months, the parent should buy a two-ways tandem stroller. This will help angel-keepers could face-to-face with the angel, talk and play with him (or her). It results in that the baby will not be scary when resting in the stroller
In the case of a baby under six months, we should choose a stroller full of function of standing, lying and seating. If the baby is over six months, the options will be more flexible. We can choose a versatile stroller or one-way tandem stroller, even super mini lightweight stroller.

2. Where you will travel to

In a travel, you can bring your baby to beaches, mountain areas, countryside, forest, etc. And as you see, each place will have different terrain. Because of that, the stroller for your baby must also be harmonious with the place.

In sea beach where the sunshine strong, you could use the lightweight stroller but it must have an umbrella to protect the baby. In contrast, the mountain area requires a big and steady stroller which could move on the rough surface easily.

3. In which season you travel

The weather of four seasons is different. This is also an important thing you need notice. The questions you should put on are: is it often rainy these days, or sunny, or cloudy. Depending on what the weather like that you prepare necessary things for your baby.

4. Last, check the stroller carefully before buying and bringing it in travel

Before buying a certain stroller, you must know its origin, which kind of stroller it is, its purpose, its technical information. After that, you should technically check that whether it move smoothly or not, drive easily or not, the brake and the bell are safe or not, the nest is comfortable or not, etc.
Before the travel, you must repeat these checks again and again for your baby’s safe. Remember that you are the big guardian angel of the little angel.
We wish that with above information, your family will have a memorable trip together.

The Healthy Kids Golf Clinic: teaching our youth right from the start

Golf professional, and one of the Top 50 Kids Instructors in the United States by U.S. Kids Golf, Carolyn Mckenzie Andrews, awoke one morning, got dressed to go to work, looked in the mirror and froze. Something was very wrong. For some reason, a woman she did not recognize was staring back at her.

teach your kid golf 1

She gingerly stepped onto the scale that was tucked into a corner of her bathroom, looked down and saw that she was 25 pounds heavier than the last time she weighed herself (which may have been right before her wedding eight years ago).

teach your kid golf 2

How could that be? She was the head Golf professional at Tuscawilla Country Club, a premier family-oriented private country club located in northeast Orlando, Florida. She had always been athletic, was outside all day with kids; conducted clinics, lessons and camps; and ate healthy foods.

By the time she got out of her car and walked into the Tuscawilla pro shop, Carolyn had dissected the last few years. “I realized that I had stopped playing Golf on a regular basis or engaging in any other physical activity for that matter, and I was not paying attention to what I was eating,” reveals Carolyn. “I made the decision that day to begin eating better and to lose those 25 pounds.”

After much walking, lots of Golf rounds and the development of a healthy eating plan, Carolyn shed those pounds and in doing so, gained a tremendous amount of self-esteem. Her personal experience, coupled with the endless news stories about the skyrocketing rate of childhood obesity, propelled her to brainstorm with the club staff and develop the concept of a Healthy Kids Golf Clinic.

“If this clinic can inspire a kid to pick up a Golf club instead of a video game controller or a cell phone, then we are growing the game of Golf and doing our part to encourage kids to engage in healthy, outdoor activities,” said Carolyn.

With the assistance of Tuscawilla’s fitness trainers, The Healthy Kids Golf Clinic was launched in the fall of 2007. The clinic introduced children of all ages to the game of Golf while providing informal instruction about the importance of maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

“Because Golf is an individual game and not too aggressive, it is the perfect option for kids and teens,” said Carolyn.

Each week, the Healthy Kids Golf Clinic begins with the introduction of Golf specific stretching and strength-building exercises that will improve the kids’ Golf swings.

“The number one problem I see with kids is their lack of flexibility, so we work on improving that as well as building strength in the hamstrings, lower back and shoulders,” says Joy von Werder, Tuscawilla’s Head Fitness Trainer.

The first exercise introduced to the kids is called the Side Step With Rotation. With a light object (a can of food for example) held in the kids hands and with arms outstretched, kids take a diagonal step backward and swing the object from their hip to their shoulders and then reverse direction. This offers a great stretch and mimics the Golf swing

Exercise number two is a Pilates move called the Spine Stretch Forward. This move stretches the hamstrings and lower back and teaches kids proper spine alignment and breathing.

The final exercise called a Static Plank Hold, this improves shoulder and core strength. Balancing on their forearms and toes with legs outstretched, kids pull in their bellies and hold in place for 20 seconds.

Once stretching is complete, Carolyn takes over and kids learn the basics of the Golf swing. By pairing kids up and engaging in friendly games, kids learn how to hit a great Golf shot and even make new friends.

teach your kid golf 3

“I have seen how hitting a great shot can really build confidence, especially with kids that might lack self-esteem,” says Carolyn.

During the Healthy Kids Golf Clinic program, a nutritionist also meets with kids to stress the importance of maintaining a well-balanced diet.

“We have received lots of positive feedback from parents and kids about this clinic,” said Carolyn. “Of course, this is just the beginning. I know we will continue to make improvements and add elements that will benefit the kids.”

Things to Be Remembered For a Good Travel

Traveling is one of the most important and frequent thing that you will want to do in your vacation. However, this is also become a part of your bad life experience due to not going on according to the plan. For that reason, this is really important to think some points very clearly and briefly in order to understand the facts.

First of all, the selection of the place should be important and special to visit. The place should not be the place where you can move at anytime. In fact, in your vacation, you should always select the spot that will give you extra benefit and terms of experience. Moreover, the place should provide a good historical importance or give you enjoyment.

Secondly, you should think about the things that you will carry on in the travel. There are many things that you should pick in your backpack properly. Moreover, the importance of well organized way is also a great virtue of people. For that reason, this will always help you to understand the way of selecting the items. In this case, you can make a list and narrow it according to your requirement and traveling duration.


Thirdly, the most important factor is to choose the BEST CARRY ON WHEELED BACKPACK (BEST CARRY ON BACKPACK) for your travel. In this case, a normal backpack can also provide you the selection to help you to carry more things. However, the wheeled backpack will give you an easy way to carry the bag on your back very easily. For that reason, you will have an extra idea to use the handle in order to tow the bag. Therefore, you will never face trouble on your back due to the pain problem.

Fourthly, you should have a proper idea about the traveling spot and city. If you do not know about the city, you should enquiry before you book any hotel room or make a plan. This is important to choose the right and secure place if you are going to solo travel. Moreover, this will always give you extra benefit if you research about the spot. As a result, this will always bring more hope and you can make a proper plan with some suitable spots to visit.

Fifthly, you should be prepared with extra cash with you and have a secure place to keep the cash. Sometimes the travelers lose the cash due to some accident. As a result, this could spoil your full vacation due to shortage or not having a single penny. For that reason, take some extra money with you and keep it in the backpack securely.

Sixthly, you should have a proper plan according to your budget. You should not waste much money for transportation in case you are in tight budget traveling. Moreover, cooking in the kitchen of the hostel will save more money for you than taking meal outside.

Seventhly, always be sure that you are flexible with new environment and people because this is the first thing that you will give you pain. If you do not like to visit new place and new people, may be traveling is not suitable for you!



First and foremost, you should buy the best carry on wheeled backpack (By Click Here) so that you can have a great deal. This will provide you two options such as take the backpack on your back or use the towing handle in order to carry the backpack. So, always keep the things on mind so that you can understand and prepare a good vacation plan with friends.



Sky Caddie SGX Golf GPS Rangefinder: Does It Help Your Game Really?

The Sky Caddie SGX is one of the top-end items in the Sky Caddie range. More than $300 a person unquestionably must make certain it’s greatest to suit your needs prior to deciding to spend your own tough earned bucks. Due to so a great many other manufacturers of these fantastic golf gadgets like Sky Caddie and Callaway you will need to understand this Sky Caddie SGX evaluation for several of the facts.

A load is had by this device of features to improve the golfing experience once and for all. The SGX Smart Club is often a technology within the Sky Caddie that adds cleverness in addition to a WiFi communication connected with every single golf club within the handbag from the golfer. Right after going for a golf club from your handbag Smart Club works utilizing the Tag absolutely existing towards the end from your butt from the golf club establishing a directly conversation by linking utilizing the Sky Caddie. But if you read the golf gps watch reviews you will get idea about it in details.


One more wonderful addition could be the SGX Club-Reminder that includes a superior warning program to aid golfers simply by caution if your golf club gets overlooked just before one is approaching the next hole.

The Sky Caddie SGX has enough onboard memory to help keep 30, 000 various courses that is a many more than any player might require in the lifetime reasonably. A lot more comprehensive maps are actually built around fifty from the world’s many well-known courses and also to get into these types of superior maps you will need to sign up for the Sky Caddie Membership Program.
This is often a sensible move because it will assist you to make the most from your Sky Caddie SGX and also open perks that will regular players will like. This can be expanded utilizing the Club SG features, which basically allow you to get detailed playing golf details and down load even more maps through the web portal.

The look of the golf GPS gadget is very even and also being resistant, with a superior quality 3-inch TFT LCD display screen that is trans-reflective, that ensures excellent graphics in excellent sunshine even. Sustaining a link to some satellite is vital to a GPS. Sky Golf have launched the Omni-Directional Powerful GPS Antenna as well as the True Point GPS Precision Positioning Technology, which can make certain the this locks on plus continues to be locked on to satellites.

Thus, giving exceptional performance and accuracy are on all terrains and also below tree cover. Sky Caddie makes certain every training course is walked to greatly help increase precision by reducing differences between satellite television pictures and fact.

This is one of the better in golf GPS units undoubtedly. It comes down ready to take part in from your container with 30,000 preloaded classes and basic natural information. By it many thrilling and new features, the particular astonishing Sky Golf Sky Caddie SGX could be the important golf GPS device for golfers trying to reduce their rating.

Full-Metal Cardio Part 2


The goal on this bodyweight move is to achieve maximum jump height on every rep. This should be a highly explosive exercise that ramps up intensity.


Stick with very light weight on this exercise. The objective is to throw hard, fast punches; this shouldn’t be a slow, deliberate movement.


Treat this as another highly explosive movement where you aim to throw the ball as high as possible and your feet leave the floor at the top of the motion.



When throwing a med ball, the object is full extension from your toes to your fingertips. Don’t hunch over, and don’t “alligator arm” the ball. Instead, throw it with everything you’ve got


Hold this position isometricelly and don’t let your pelvis sag toward the floor. Your body should form a straight line from head to toes.







Do each exercise for 30 seconds, performing as many reps as possible in that time. Rest 30 seconds between each exercise. Perform this circuit 2-3 times, resting 1-2 minutes between each circuit.


From the bottom/start position, explosively drive your hips up and forward to create the momentum that’ll help propel the dumbbell to at least head level.



Team MuscleTech[R] began with the passion and determination of one elite group of industry gurus. The mission to continuously research, develop, patent, produce, and market the most effective diet and sports supplements in the world quickly grew, taking on a powerful wave of followers the industry had never before seen. All of these individuals had, and still have today, a deeply vested interest in developing the best sports supplements in the world so that elite athletes could exceed at their sport knowing they had science and research backing the supplements they relied on.

Protein helps build muscle. This is a fact that has been known for years by many. But the mission is to continuously research and develop, so the question at the time of creating Nitro-Tech was: “What can be done to build on the capabilities of protein, to create a world-class protein supplement?”


When you’re in the game for over a decade, to say you learn a few things is a bit of an understatement. The degree of experience and expertise gained over the span of a decade helps answer the difficult questions, and that’s why the scientifically advanced Nitro-Tech[R] brand has outlasted countless small-time copycats and knock-off protein products. Today, Team MuscleTech[R] brings you the newest step in the journey of creating an amazing protein formula -Nitro-Tech[R] Hardcore Pro Series[TM].

This scientifically advanced muscle-building whey protein formula is relied upon by pros like 4-Time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler, the first Mr. Olympia 202 champ David Henry, the World’s Strongest Bodybuilder Johnnie Jackson, and Team MuscleTech superstar Darrem Charles. These pros trust the Nitro-Tech Hardcore Pro Series formula with their gains, their livelihood, because:

A: Nitro-Tech helps build noticeable muscle and strength increases;

B: Its core ingredients are backed by documented scientific research showing their effectiveness.

Researchers from the University of Saskatchewan and St. Francis Xavier University collaborated and conducted a six-week, double-blind study involving 36 test subjects with at least three years of training. Subjects using the core ingredients in Nitro-Tech Hardcore Pro Series packed on 73 percent more muscle than subjects using whey protein (8.8 vs. 5.1 lbs.).

In the same study, subjects using the core ingredients in Nitro-Tech[R] Hardcore Pro Series[TM] increased their bench press by more than double the results achieved by subjects using whey protein (34 vs. 14 lbs.)! How is this possible? The Nitro-Tech Hardcore Pro Series formula not only provides tried-and-true whey protein but also supplies you with an additional musclebuilding agent to deliver rapid and dramatic gains. The result? A protein supplement that surpasses the capabilities of whey protein alone!


The whey protein in the formula provides essential amino acids your body can’t produce on its own. In fact, every daily dose of Nitro-Tech Hardcore Pro Series delivers 11 grams of leucine and 13 grams of additional BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids – building blocks of muscle). PLUS, the whey protein delivering these amino acids is very high quality thanks to an intensive triple-filtration process called Tri-Phase Filtration Technology. There are three crucial phases to this technology:

PHASE 1: Fat is reduced from the protein;

PHASE 2: Protein is concentrated to reduce lactose;

PHASE 3: Impurities in the whey protein are reduced.

Micro-Diffuse[TM] Technology is another incredible process used in the Nitro-Tech[R] Hardcore Pro Series[TM] formula. It is designed to increase the dissolution of a critical musclebuilding agent by drastically reducing the size of the particles. Both Tri-Phase Filtration Technology and Micro-Diffuse[TM] Technology are processes that are only featured in truly innovative supplements.


At the end of the day, Nitro-Tech Hardcore Pro Series stands as a powerful, high-quality musclebuilding protein formula perfect for elite athletes and bodybuilders who want real gains in muscle and strength. Nitro-Tech[R] has been a staple supplement for serious athletes for years and the brand continues to flourish thanks to the mission of continuously researching and developing the most effective sports supplements in the world.

Copycats and wannabes will come and go, but one true formula stands the test of time -that is without question the Nitro-Tech brand. Build more muscle, increase your strength and welcome in another decade of top-tier protein with Nitro-Tech[R] Hardcore Pro Series[TM].


Do this exercise at a slow to moderate pace, both for safety and to keep tension on your core. Don’t use momentum to move the weight.


Even though this is a cardio-intensive program, make sure to keep your form as strict as possible on the last few reps of each set. This is where the potential for injury is greatest


Full-Metal Cardio Part 1

It has to be some sort of proven training fact: You’re not going to work as hard and make as much progress on exercises you despise vs. those you enjoy doing. Case in point: When’s the last time an elliptical session made you practically (or actually) puke in the trash can at the gym? Now think back to the last hardcore leg day you struggled through.

Our guess is that the squats, heavy lunges and step-ups were much more intense–and nauseating–than the cardio workout that allowed you to catch up on yesterday’s “SportsCenter” highlights. And it’s pretty much guaranteed that the intense lifting routine burned more total calories and bodyfat (during the workout and afterward combined) than the ESPN-sponsored one.

That’s why we’re introducing you to “Full-Metal Cardio” a crazy-intense, heart-pumping weightlifting regimen that’ll get you fitter and leaner than most anything you can do on a $5,000 machine in front of a television. So feel free to sell your treadmill on eBay, and start picking up barbells and dumbbells on cardio day.


Iron Lungs

By now you should be familiar with high-intensity interval training (HUT), a type of cardio in which you perform short intervals of high-intensity exercise followed by short intervals of low-intensity recovery. For example, on a track, road or treadmill, you’d alternate sprinting for about 30 seconds with 30-60 seconds of walking until you hit your desired total time. Volumes of research show that HIIT burns more fat than the steady-state variety, even when the steady pace is done for a longer period.

Leave it to us to boost the efficacy–and brutality–of an already effective workout. The following “Full-Metal Cardio” program uses the same basic premise as HUT, with one major difference: We’re swapping out the treadmill, bike and elliptical machines for traditional weightlifting exercises that’ll hit every muscle fiber in your body to burn more bodyfat and send your conditioning through the roof.

Besides minimizing treadmill-induced boredom, this program addresses two other main drawbacks of traditional cardio:
1) it’s not as effective at burning calories postworkout as weight training, and
2) most programs work only your lower-body musculature, thus limiting the release of fat-burning enzymes.
Research shows that lifting weights boosts your metabolic rate (calorie-burning) higher and for longer after a workout than cardio does. One reason is that weights provide resistance, which taxes the muscles both biochemically and mechanically.

As a result, many calories are expended to return the muscle fibers to their original condition and beyond. Typical cardio provides resistance as your legs propel your body and absorb the landing, but not to the same degree as weight training.

Most cardio–cycling, running, stair-stepping–exhausts the legs while the upper body gets something of an active recovery. Weight training allows you to broaden the scope of muscles you want to involve to include large bodyparts such as back, chest and shoulders. More muscles in need of recovery means more calories being burned to fuel that recovery process over the next several hours or days.

Lift to Get Lean

“Full-Metal Cardio” more or less mimics a HUT scheme: You do one set of an exercise followed by 30 seconds or less of active rest (however long it takes to set up the next exercise), then you do a set of the next move and so on. To promote balance, we suggest you do the same number of exercises for upper and lower body while mixing in full-body lifts such as thrusters and clean and jerks, which are not only great calorie-burners but also help improve explosiveness and athleticism. In other words, don’t perform solely upper-body exercises in one session, lest you defeat the purpose of maximizing muscle recruitment. The workouts starting on page 112 feature the proper balance of movements to get your heart rate up while chiseling away at stubborn blubber.

The training sessions in this program are relatively short, but don’t let that fool you–the intensity is such that 10-20 minutes of these circuits is all you’ll be able to handle. If it’s easy for you, it probably means you rested too long between exercises or didn’t go heavy enough on your sets.

We recommend performing one of these workouts 1-2 times a week on days you don’t regularly train–any more than this can easily lead to overtraining and burnout, considering that your muscles will also need time to recover from traditional lifting workouts. To round out your cardio week, feel free to include 1-2 steady-state sessions. A logical training split might look like the routine below.

“Full-Metal Cardio” workouts should always be challenging, and progressing within the basic parameters outlined here is very straightforward. Once you can complete a workout in relative comfort, do one or more of the following: Aim to perform more reps in each set, increase weight on one or more exercises for the same number of reps, increase intensity by shortening rest periods between exercises, and/or increase volume by going through the circuit 1-2 more times. The beauty of HIIT/circuit training is there’s no limit to how intensely you can train.



These can be done using resistance bands (as pictured) or using an assisted pull-up machine. If you’re especially strong on pull-ups, do them unassisted.



DAY                                ROUTINE











FULL-BODY EXERCISES             CLEAN AND JERK, DUMBBELL SWING,                                                                            HRUSTER, MEDICINE-BALL THROW

ABS/CORE EXERCISES              PLANK, WEIGHT-PLATE WOODCHOPPER,                                                                     DUMBBELL, SHADOWBOXING



EXERCISE                         REPS

THRUSTER                       12

ASSISTED PULL-UP               15

WALKING LUNGE                    10 each leg

PUSH-UP                                  to failure

WEIGHT-PLATE WOODCHOPPER         15 each side


Perform this circuit 3-5 times with as little rest between exercises as possible. Rest 1-2 minutes between circuits. The next time you do this workout, aim to shorten your time.


Start in front squat position, holding the bar as though you’re performing a military press. Explode from the bottom position, using the momentum from your hips, quads and glutes to drive up and press the bar over your head in one fluid motion.


This isn’t a slow-motion exercise, but it shouldn’t be done superfast either Step out far, get your back knee nearly to the floor and feel a stretch on every rep.


Don’t sacrifice range of motion for rep speed. Get your chest to the floor at the bottom and extend your arms just shy of lockout at the top.


When performing lunges, don’t let your front knee pass your toes. Step out far enough to avoid putting undue stress on your knees


This is a big. explosive, full-body move with maximum range of motion. When in doubt on weight selection, go light and gradually work your way up.


Go as fast as you can, aiming to complete as many revolutions as possible in the allotted time. If you’re advanced, do “double-unders,” where you swing the rope under you twice during each jump.



EXERCISE                     REPS/TIME

JUMP SQUAT                 12

ASSISTED PULL-UP           15

CLEAN AND JERK             15

PUSH-UP                to failure

DUMBBELL SWING             15

PLANK                   30 sec.



WALKING LUNGE          10 each leg

JUMP ROPE                1 min.

Perform this circuit 3-5 times with as little rest between exercises as

possible. Rest 1-2 minutes between circuits. The next time you do this

workout, aim to shorten your time.

All terrain cardio and three high-energy workouts

Imagine if every time you did cardio, a group of reality-show producers designed an outdoor challenge course for you to complete, which would take at least 30 minutes to finish and leave you on the verge of lying, cheating and arguing with perfect strangers by its end.

Drenched yet energized, you’d walk away from every session fired up and satisfied that you got the most from your effort. J Okay, that’s not going to happen. But with a little creativity, you can transform your cardio training into something you actually look forward to. We’ve chosen three high-energy outdoor activities to get you started, all designed to burn the maximum amount of calories in the least amount of time. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and outplay your competition!


Nordic Walking

Do walking sticks feel a bit awkward at first? Sure, but to increase your heart rate, oxygen consumption and caloric expenditure above what you can get with regular walking, you’d be wise to silence your skepticism and hit the road. Bernd Zimmermann, president of Interfit, the company that produced the first Nordic walking DVD, describes this workout as “a combination of cross-country skiing and fitness walking.” Its benefits certainly outweigh those of traditional walking. “Since you use your upper and lower body, your heart rate elevates to a higher level,” he says. “It involves more muscles and burns more calories, all without the impact of running.” It’s also inexpensive and can be done just about anywhere. “All you need are some poles and a good pair of shoes,” Zimmermann notes. To increase the intensity of the circuit we suggest below, incorporate intervals or try running and stride-jumping. However, before you attempt any advanced variations, master the technique of Nordic walking. (See “Go Nordic” at left.)

How to do it: Start at the bottom of a gradual hill that’s about 250 yards to the top. Walk up the hill at a moderate pace. Without resting, walk back down, using the downhill as your recovery. Each time you repeat the circuit, increase your pace, aiming to decrease the time it takes you to ascend the hill. Repeat for 20 minutes. Finish your workout with a 5-10-minute slowpaced walk on flat terrain.

Trail Running

Imagine running outdoors, the sun on your face and the wind at your back, your quads and calves begging for mercy as you plow up the trail. No activity is so simultaneously freeing and challenging as trail running. One of the best parts is it gets you off the treadmill and out into nature. Whether you’re alone or with a buddy, you’re sure to feel invigorated. Find a location that boasts at least a mile of uphill trail. (Many fire roads are perfect for this.) Make sure you’re outfitted with supportive shoes, sunscreen, layers of clothing, water and a watch.
How to do it: Begin with a 5-7-minute uphill warm-up walk, progressing to a brisk pace. If you’ve never run on trails before, perform the Beginner Trail-Running Workout (above). If you’re advanced, do the Advanced Workout. End your session with a five-minute moderate walk on flat terrain.

Mountain Biking

Depending on the trail, mountain biking can be anything from a relatively easy Sunday morning ride to a lung-busting, quad-burning session that’ll leave you tired, dusty and hungry. No matter where you live, you probably have some sort of dirt trail or fire road nearby on which you can ride. Your experience level should dictate your riding locale: If you’re a beginner, start on wide fire roads, which are usually more gradual in grade and easier to navigate; if you’re an advanced rider, you can attack single-track trails in local mountains. All you really need is a mountain bike, water bottle, helmet, gloves and protective eyewear. (A lightweight zip-up jacket might be welcome on the trip back down.)
How to do it: Begin with a 5-7-minute warm-up, either cycling on a flat area or spinning in a low gear. If you’re a beginner, follow the Beginner Mountain-Biking Circuit (left). If you’ve been riding for a while, increase the intensity of your workout with the Advanced Mountain-Biking Circuit. Since we don’t know the trail you’ll ride on, these workouts are designed based on perceived effort (intensity) and time.



PACE                                TIME


Fast walk/slow run            30-60 sec.

Slow walk                          30-60 sec.


Repeat for 20 minutes




PACE                       TIME

Slow run                   2 min.

Moderate run            2 min.

Fast run                    2 min.

Slow run                   3-4 min.


Repeat 4-5 times



INTENSITY                GRADE         TIME

High                           uphill             2 min.

Low to moderate         uphill             4 min.

High                             uphill             2 min.

Low to moderate          uphill             4 min.

High                              uphill             2 min.

Low to moderate           uphill             4 min.

High                               uphill             2 min.

Moderate                       downhill         varies

(ride to bottom of hill)



INTENSITY                GRADE        TIME


High                            uphill             1 min.

Low (recovery)            uphill             1 min.

High                            uphill              2 min.

Low (recovery)            uphill              2 min.

High                             uphill              3 min.

Low (recovery)            uphill               3 min.

High                             uphill               4 min.

Low (recovery)             uphill               4 min.

High                             uphill                5 min.

Low (recovery)             uphill                5 min.

High                             uphill                 1 min.

Low (recovery)             uphill                 30 sec.

High                              uphill                 2 min.

Low (recovery)              uphill                 1 min.

High                              uphill                  3 min.

Low (recovery)              uphill                  90 sec.

High                               uphill                   4 min.

Low (recovery)               uphill                   2 min.

Moderate                       downhill               varies

(ride to bottom of hill)


Donavan’s top five destinations for surf, music, and good vibes – Part 3


THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE PLACES IN AUSTRALIA. I’ve been there a bunch of times to play at this amazing festival called the Byron Bay Blues and Roots Festival. That’s been a big part of the reason why I’ve been to Byron quite a bit. I also spent a couple of weeks there filming Shelter. All the experiences I’ve had in Byron have been incredible. The vibe of that place is great. It has a huge surf culture and you can drive out of there and go up to Snapper Rocks or get lost along the coast to the south. And Byron itself has amazing waves. Plus, there are so many people that live in and around the place that have done amazing things in surfing, like Greenough, for example. Everybody seems to be happy and laid back–it’s very organic.


Donny’s Picks

GRINDS: Just walk around. There’s killer, organic, homemade food served everywhere. Everything is local and homegrown and all the restaurants use that stuff. Or you can walk into the grocery store and get homemade meat pies and these great little snacks.

CRASH PADS: You can camp, stay in a hotel, in a house, in a backpacker’s hotel. Camping is beautiful-you can rock up, put up a tent, and there you are. You can spend a lot of time traveling through Australia just camping.

NIGHT LIFE: There are tons of different things to do at night, but I’ve always been there for the Byron Blues and Roots Festival, which is always in April around Easter. But there are great bars going off all the time and wonderful music being played constantly all up and down the main street. There are killer restaurants on that strip as well.

THE RIDE: The waves in that area are insane. You can go north or south an hour and score, or you can just stay right there and surf the point. It can be good size or half-a-foot. But even when it’s a half-a-foot it’s till great for longboarding. Watch Shelter. A lot of the waves from Shelter were filmed within 30 minutes of Byron. Go recreate it.


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